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Market trends come and go, but Costa Rican real estate is forever. Whether looking for a large return on your investments or a safe, tropical second home, your search stops here. This Latin American region hosts some of the biggest property value increases in recent history. Now is the time for you to buy land in Costa Rica.
Conventional wisdom agrees that buying real estate is the most solid investment someone can make. Golf resort communities have experienced spectacular increases in property value and membership. Some areas of Costa Rica have seen their property triple in worth in just a few short years, and local citizens invite outside investors to stake their claim.
Property value and sound investment strategies are not the only reason to check out Costa Rica. Many people choose to move there because waterfront property is still affordable. There are oceans on both sides of the country and a large body of water in the center. Ocean views are as readily available as golf course views.
Fantastic weather maintains rainforest tree-lined fairways. The amazing tropical scenery is never in danger of overdevelopment because about a third of the country is protected. The government further encourages foreign investors by relaxing taxation and ensuring politically stability.
English is their second language, and that barrier can be somewhat problematic for people who don?t know Spanish. Regardless, the people are warm and friendly. Racial tensions are nonexistent, as is the crime rate. Excellent personal security is something the outside investor can count on.
A move to Costa Rica does not mean you have to give up the modern conveniences you depend on. Medical services, like health care, hospitals, pharmacies, and prescription services are plentiful. High speed internet access is available in new communities as well. Remember, Costa Rica is the most advanced country in Latin America, so you don?t need to alter your present lifestyle to enjoy a new home in paradise.
For developers, labor is inexpensive. Building managers have a large labor pool to pull from. Local currency value is far below the American dollar, so it takes very little money to live on. A middle-class American single income allows a person to live very well in Costa Rica. If you can?t afford the country club lifestyle in the states, you?ll appreciate Costa Rica. New homes are readily being developed along major golf courses. Golf course investment property invites families and retirees to instantly become part of a community.
The people of Costa Rica are genuine and welcoming. The tropical scenery and exotic wildlife are priceless. Real estate in the area is appreciating by the minute. You?re out of excuses.

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